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  • Industrial Automation And Labs

  • Consumables,Parts & Hardening Facility

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Industrial Services is active across all sectors and has particular experience in  Robotic, Automation & Parts, al kind of production, tooling,Daq/Dcs/SCADA, oil and gas as well as steel and aluminum processing and fabrication machinery and CNC machine controls retrofit and repair.

Our Services

Industrial AMC,s , Emergency Repair, Retrofit, Plant installation, Retrofit, Design, Sourcing and inspection services worldwide, State of the 
Art Hydraulic, Automation, Electronics, Instrumentation, CNC labs to serve the local market.

Oil & Gas Services

Siaco Advance Labs and engineering Department is Capable to 

Hydraulic Test and repair Labs

Siaco Lab & Systems offers a full range of equipment to keep your plant up and running.

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

HVOF applied coatings have proven to be superior to hard chrome with regard to....

Industrial Repair & Retrofits

Get additional years of reliable service from your machines with....

About Our Company

Industrial Services – Competence in Maintenance

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Headquartered in Subhan , Industrial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Al-Shaya Group and manages all its industrial service activities.

The company’s goal is to support customers in optimizing maintenance planning, as well as increasing plant availability and, therefore, cut overall costs by avoiding machine downtimes.


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20 Years Experinced
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Mr.Nabeel Yousef AlShaya

CEO & Managing Director

Mr.Javaid Iqbal

General Manager

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